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The Academy for Sexology is an International Private Higher Education Distance-Learning University since 2002. We specialise in the scientific study of sexuality from a w-holistic, universal integralistic, non-summative, inter-transactional perspective of the bio- (medical), psycho- (psychological), socio- (sociological) and cultural perspective of human sexual being and –functioning with a between and beyond the poles basis theory.

During the past seven years Sexology SA and the Academy for Sexology proved our integrity, sustainability and capability. We are accepted and honored by our academic colleagues throughout the world and we have received thousands of visitors and emails at our website The Academy for Sexology has currently more than 100 students enrolled including psychiatrists, psychologists, medical doctors and many other professionals.

Sexology is a relative new discipline with a complicated and comprehensive curriculum and the scientific study of sexuality is therefore currently not available at universities with the exception of one or two institutes. However, the need for sexology as an academic field of study is not in dispute. Our pioneering persistency and our contribution to sexology as an autonomous academic discipline are worldwide recognised and appreciated. The academic quality of our curriculum as well as the academic CV’s of our professional lecturers and students earned the Academy for Sexology since 2002 recognition and respect all over the world.

In British Colombia (2005) the Ministry of Advanced Education initiated a letter to the Academy for Sexology regarding a possible bursary for one of their students.  
In the USA (2007) Dr. Lindsey T. Doe, DHS Missoula, MT introduced her website on sexology as “sexualwissenschaft” with a scientific definition of sexology by Prof Johann Lemmer.

In Asia (2008) the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (Prof R Y Jalali) and the Academy for Sexology (Prof Johann Lemmer) formally agreed on mutual affiliation and organizational membership.

In Europe (2008) the international academic and sexologist Prof Erwin Haeberle honoured Prof Johann Lemmer by publishing his academic sexology books on the website of the well-known Humboldt University in Europe (October 2009 and December 2009): . The result of this is the fact that Prof Lemmer’s books became available to 80 million people in over 230 countries. The website had readers in over 60 000 cities, who have viewed over 6 million pages in 2009.

On top of being internationally recognised, the Academy for Sexology has now applied for formal accreditation as a Private Higher Education Institution in South Africa. Our application with the Department of Education, the Higher Education Qualification Committee and the CHE is being processed.


The Academy for Sexology registers our students with Sexology SA, SSASSERT and (after graduation) with other associated professional bodies. The quality of our training is proved by the professional knowledge and skills of our students.

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