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Frequently asked questions

Q: I do not want a career change but I would like to study sexology. Is there such an option?
A: Yes indeed and on any one of four levels a) a BS or MS degree b) a post graduate course (certificate) if you are a professional or c) a short course (certificate) for any member of the public.

Q: Are the Academy for Sexology recognized and accredited?
A: Visit our home page and read About the Academy as well as our Prospectus.

Q: Do we get registered at a professional board for sexologists like the psychologists get registered at the HPCSA?
A:  Yes and No. Students may register as students at the Professional Council of Sexology SA and after graduation they have the option to register at international Sexology Associations.

Q: Shall I get a job after graduation?
A: The quality of our degrees will indeed open many doors in the corporate world, education institutions and NGO’s but no degree as such will guarantee any job. Practicing as a Sexual Health Advisor / Counsellor (with a BS) or as a Therapist in Sexual Health (MS) or as a Sexologist (DS) is an attractive option. There are also other creative opportunities such as writing for magazines or research articles or being a Sexual Health Counsellor at a company or a school.

Q: I need more information about the degrees.
A: Click on Degrees as well as on Prospectus.

Q: I do have an Honours degree in Psychology may I enrol for the Masters program?
A: Click on Degrees as well as on Prospectus and see the entry requirements.

Q: When do I enrol and how do I enrol?
A: You may enrol and start at any time of the year after being approved. Click on Degrees as well as on Prospectus for more information. 

Q: I know it is distance education but is there any practical involvement in the courses?
A: Yes, workshops and classes are given to students at different levels of the programmes or courses to acquire practical experience.

Q: Where do I write exams?
A: You may arrange with an approved examination supervisor in your neighbourhood. See rules and regulations for examination supervisors.

Q: I would like to go see a sex expert / therapist / sexologist can you refer me to someone in my area?
A: Go to the home page and click on Professional Council

Q: Why didn’t I receive an answer on my email?
A: Either we didn’t receive your email or you are asking for information which is clearly visible on our website.

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