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Johann Lemmer was born on the 21st of June 1953 in Delareyville South Africa. He graduated in 1974 at the University of Pretoria with a BA degree and then followed it up with a BD degree as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Theology in 1978. He passed his doctoral examination cum laude at UNISA in 1988 and received his D Th from UNISA in 1991 with his thesis: “Practical Theological Research on the congregation's understanding of the sermon” This thesis focused on the cognitive, affective and conative psychological processes presenting in the listener during & after mass-communication in a sermon.

Lemmer’s academic career can be divided into two parts of twenty years each: The first part as a “theologian” and a “NG Kerk dominee” in Phalaborwa, Kimberley and Pretoria. He lectured part-time empirical research methodology and the generation of hypotheses in Practical Theology to postgraduate students at both UP and UNISA. He wrote several epistemological articles in scientific publications and presented several lectures in this regard. He criticized apartheid with controversial discussions in The Wall Street Journal - Afrikaner Church & Apartheid (1987).

During the second part of his academic career (the past 20 years) Dr Lemmer undertook intensive postdoctoral research in Sexology and Psychology. He accepted invitations from RSA Universities to give lectures to postgraduate students in psychology and medicine. Being a student for life, he obtained several certificates from the Baylor College of Medicine accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education USA in Sexual Dysfunction: Diagnosis & Classification, Epidemiology & Neurobiology, Therapeutic Approaches, Aspects of Female Sexual Dysfunction & Depression and other subjects.

UNISA appointed Dr Lemmer several times as external examiner for the examination of doctors’ dissertations with sexology-related research content like inter-racial marriages, homosexuality and psycho-spiritual studies. The previous president of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Prof Dr Milton Diamond encouraged Dr Lemmer to found Sexology SA & the Academy for Sexology in 2003 with the following words: “With your training you seem to be in the ideal position regarding sexuality education. You have a strong background. You have religious, academic and clinical experiences to bring to bear.”

Dr Lemmer grounded Sexology as a science in 2005 with his book Introduction to Sexology. He presented the first epistemological theory of Sexology as a science, with meta-theories, theories, basis theories and praxis theories. He addressed clinical conferences and contributed to Sexology in radio & television programs. Johann Lemmer is the author of several scientific books and articles available at South African Universities as well as at the well-known Humboldt University in Europe. Both his academic books Identity and Sexual Identity and Introduction to Sexology are published on the sexology website of the Humboldt University in Europe:

The content of Lemmer’s books now freely became available to 80 million people in 230 countries and 60000 cities. Dr Lemmer and the Academy for Sexology officially support Prof Dr Haeberle in order to enhance studies in Sexology worldwide. Prof Dr Haeberle is an executive member of the Scientific Board of the Academy for Sexology.

In the USA Dr Lindsey Doe honored Lemmer's contribution to Sexology:\sexology

On the 25th of November 2008 Lemmer received a Higher Doctoral Degree: DOCTOR OF SCIENCE Science (Human Sexuality)-SOUTH ASIA INSTITUTE OF HUMAN SEXUALITY. Dr Lemmer was honored by Prof Dr Jalali as a distinguished professor at SAIHS with lifetime duration and he became a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of SAIHS.

Johann Lemmer is the Vice-President of the Sub Saharan Society of Sexuality. For the past six years he is a practicing sexologist at Pretoria-East Hospital Prof Lemmer is a member of the NATIONAL SCIENCE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION
He is a full member of the SOCIETY FOR THE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES OF SEXUALITY (SSSS) international. See also:


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