Sex Positive

· Very cool and with-it
· A new recipe for sex
· I am going to give this book to my teenager
· I’ll pay double the price for this book
· As pastor and counselor I recommend this book in marriage-counseling

This is not a storybook, but it does contain a few stories:

  • the three sisters in every woman
  • the tale of Onan
  • the powerless penis versus the mighty vagina

There are a few sex-exercises for men and women and the book teaches couples better sex communication. There are also photos that show the top-ten positions.

But the real purpose of this book stretches much deeper. It introduces a new way of thinking about sex. It focuses on the positive, healing, life-enhancing power of sex.

Only when men begin to understand

  • that they don’t have to be afraid of or threatened by women
  • that their identity & sexual identity are OK and wonderful
  • that there is hope for them to achieve the fulfillment of their sexuality, as well as their frustrations, aggression and urges

- only then will we have less molesters and rapists in our streets and bedrooms.

Moralism destroys real morality. Behind most keepers of the morals there hovers either a frustrated impotence or an incredible amount of lustful randiness.

The sexational media plays an important role in the pro-active prevention of HIV & AIDS as well as in the reporting of more (quantitative) and better (qualitative) sex.

About the Author:
Dr Johann Lemmer is the founder of Sexology SA and the principal of the Academy. He is also a practicing Sexologist at Pretoria East Hospital. He received his doctorate from UNISA in 1991 after he integrated hermeneutics, psychology and quantitative empirical research in his doctoral thesis where both the individual and collective internal psychological processes were reflected in the congregation's understanding of the sermon. He part-time lectured qualitative and quantitative research methodology at universities and wrote scientific articles in this regard. He was a minister in the D R Church and pastoral counsellor in private practice for many years. For the past decade he focused his post-doctoral research on psychology, the reproductive system and Sexology. He wrote various study guides in Sexology, participated in radio- and television programs and he addressed clinical conferences on Sexology