Introduction to Sexology

· The first epistemological basic theory in sexology

· Very impressive! Mark Genan - President of the World Association for Sexology

· 249 Pages - The history of Sexology, meta-theories, a basis theory, curriculum etc.

· Historical roots and a grounded scientific theory for Sexology as autonomous science.

· The medical-clinical paradigm of reductionism and behaviourism reconciled with the paradigm of social (de)-constructionism in a Sexology of between and beyond the poles.

· A (w)holistic, universal integralized Sexology with intentional, behavioural, social, cultural and spiritual dimensions.

· A book for all professionals, lecturers and students who are concerned with human sexuality.

About the Author:
Dr Johann Lemmer is the founder of Sexology SA and the principal of the Academy. He is also a practicing Sexologist at Pretoria East Hospital. He received his doctorate from UNISA in 1991 after he integrated hermeneutics, psychology and quantitative empirical research in his doctoral thesis where both the individual and collective internal psychological processes were reflected in the congregation's understanding of the sermon. He part-time lectured qualitative and quantitative research methodology at universities and wrote scientific articles in this regard. He was a minister in the D R Church and pastoral counsellor in private practice for many years. For the past decade he focused his post-doctoral research on psychology, the reproductive system and Sexology. He wrote various study guides in Sexology, participated in radio- and television programs and he addressed clinical conferences on Sexology